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What is Transloading?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Transloading is a type of service defined as transferring products from one mode of transportation to another while remaining on route to the product’s final destination. Transloading typically happens when products and goods are shipped internationally, such as when something is shipped via ocean containers. The goods will usually be taken to port terminals from ocean containers. Then, from the port terminals, these goods are loaded onto trucks/trains and shipped by road/railway to distribution centers or stores. This infographic illustrates the general process of transloading goods from an imported ocean shipment to their final destinations:

transloading example

Transloading has many benefits some of which are:

  • It is a cost-effective option for transporting products, long-haul shipping being a typical example. If you are looking to ship a product long-haul, then doing so via railway is the cheaper option. With transloading you can secure a greater rate while your product still gets to where it needs to be!

  • It creates a more efficient shipping process. With transloading, cargo can easily be transferred from a shipping container to a smaller container or a trailer. This process quickly allows bulk goods to move using the most appropriate mode of transportation on each part of their journey to their final destination.

  • It's adaptable, flexible, and offers simplicity. For example, if your business expands, the transloading process can accommodate your business's needs since capacity is rarely an issue at railyards. Once you expand and have more square footage, you have more opportunities to fill that space!

  • It grants the ability to reach more destinations. Transloading will benefit your business by providing options to use different combinations of freight transportation to reach a given destination. As a result of these freight combinations, loads have the capability to go nearly anywhere

Transloading is an efficient and cost-friendly way to move goods from one destination to the next, especially when different modes of transportation are required. In addition to streamlining container flow in and out of ports, transloading services can potentially eliminate the need for distribution centers. This increases the efficiency of supply chains, reduces transportation costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

Transloading can provide many positives for your business, but it requires careful planning and coordination to ensure the safe and easy transfer of goods through different modes of transportation. At Supply Chain Warehouses, we have extensive experience with transloading. SCW has established facilities in Chicago, Nashville, and Houston run by our experts who can assist with all questions regarding not only transloading but other supply chain management and logistics inquiries as well. Reach out to us today! Give us a call or follow the link below to fill out our contact form.

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