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Our Services

At Supply Chain Warehouses we offer an extensive variety of 3PL services to accommodate your supply chain management and logistics needs.

Contract Warehousing

We are a full-service 3PL powered by our own custom warehouse management system. This gives our customers the ability to easily create orders and have live 24/7 eyes on their inventory. Our warehousing and distribution services include Inventory management and storage, pick and pack, order fulfillment, container loading and unloading, cross-docking, and custom packaging.

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Inventory Storage

Our warehouse specializes in providing storage solutions for businesses in different industries. Using our own proprietary WMS and organized warehouse layout, we ensure the safe and efficient storage of various products. Our warehouse is a trusted partner for businesses looking for reliable and customizable inventory storage services that streamline their supply chain operations and support their growth.


We use our custom-built warehouse management system to deliver you the most efficient and accurate order distribution available. Our WMS gives you live 24/7 visibility into your inventory levels allowing you to make timely decisions on reorder points.  SCW is integrated with the largest shopping carts in the world. If a customer places an order on your website we are instantly notified. From there we pick the order, box the order, and send it outbound to your customer.

Distrubution Facility
Supply Chain Warehouses Freight Truck


We offer Drayage services to our clients on a local level from Ocean ports and Airports. Our experienced team has access to our own power and uses our relationships with the largest freight management companies in the world to get you the best rates possible. If we can’t get the best rates with our power we will book your Drayage at cost with one of our industry partners. 


We offer high and low volume transloading at all of our locations. In our facilities, we have docks specifically designed for transloading efficiency. Using Supply Chain Warehouses for transloading will allow your items to be quickly transferred between modes of transportation, keeping your inventory moving, and your costs low.

3pl forklift operation
warehouse forklift operator


At SCW we provide expert crossdocking services. We make sure the movement of goods is smooth and efficient by swiftly receiving shipments, and transferring them to outbound vehicles. This helps cut down on storage time and costs. Our crossdocking solutions are specifically designed to boost supply chain efficiency.

Freight Management

We specialize in asset-based and non-asset based freight management. Within our delivery zones, we use our own assets to move product the final mile saving you time and money. Outside of our delivery zones, we partner with the largest carriers in the world to keep costs efficient and freight moving.

Freight Boating Facility
Packing Services


We provide Kitting services for our clients by taking individual, but related, items and combining them into a single bundle to then be packaged and shipped. Kitting is used to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity by pre-packaging items for e-commerce order fulfillment.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E)

We provide white-glove FF&E services to our clients. Whether you are doing a single home or a 150-unit hotel we will get your job done professionally and efficiently. SCW also provides OS&E services on an a-la-carte basis for individual hotels, or at the corporate level. If you would like more information about SCW's work in FF&E or OS&E, simply ask for a copy of our project portfolio or click below for a free consultation.

Modern Interior Design
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